Chairman Message

Good quality education is still a dream for millions of children in rural India. Most rural schools do not have good teachers and facilities such as well stocked library, play ground etc. The teacher quality gap between the urban and rural schools is shockingly huge. The drop out rate of children is still alarmingly high , when one takes into consideration the fact that education has been made free and compulsory in our country.

Unless the children of rural areas are given access to good quality education, India’s dream of inclusive growth and emerging as an economic superpower will remain a distant dream. India’s biggest asset is its human resources. It needs to be cared and nurtured without base of discrimination to achieve all round development.

Ch Chaju ram memorial education society was founded with a view to enrich the quality of education in rural areas, reduce the dropout rate and fulfill India’s vision of inclusive growth. The trust believe that good education is the panacea for poverty, child labor and several other serious issues which are impediments to the growth of our nation.

The Bishni Devi Memorial high School established by society in village Jatwar, has already become a name synonymous with quality education in the shahzadpur block of Ambala district.

The society has kept the tuition fees relatively low in keeping with its objective of making quality education accessible to rural population. The fees are several times lower than the fee charged by its urban counterparts. Most of the parents of children studying in our school are small agriculturist, herdsmen and laborers. The children are usually slow learners and school makes sure that they are given special attention.

The society is regularly introducing new teaching techniques in the school to make learning interesting for children. It strives for continuous improvement in quality and be on a constant quest for excellence.

"We look forward to seeing the best of our students' achievements across all spheres of learning."

Gurmail Singh Bachhal